Welcome to Our Blog!


That’s what a blog is, and that’s what we’ll be doing here: sharing our “experiences, observations, opinions, etc.” as pastors of Morden Mennonite Church. My name is Michael Pahl, and my colleague here at MMC is Stephanie Dueck.

When you visit here, you might find thoughts about an upcoming sermon, or perhaps some afterthoughts of a past sermon. Or maybe you’ll find reflections on pastoral ministry, or church life, or living in Morden, or being Anabaptist, or just following Jesus.

So stop by regularly, or follow us through the links on the right. Grab a coffee, have a seat, and spend a few minutes with us on this journey with Jesus!

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1 Response to Welcome to Our Blog!

  1. I find reading what our pastor and fellow church members have written to be very stimulating and see the potential in a forum like this blog. Often when we pause to put our thoughts into the written word, we actually develop what we wanted to say into a more concise whole than would be the case if we had never bothered writing. In other words we discover what we really believe by writing it down.

    Michael’s insight on pacifism correctly describes that it ought to be as much ,or more .a collective response to violence than an individual response. He would also seem to be saying that for a congregation or any group to get to this point of being able to exercise active pacifism,that they would have to be informed by an individual first. I would like to add that major changes in direction taken by the human race have not been lead by committees, boards, or congregations but have been spearheaded by individuals like MLK, or Ghandi, or Nelson Mendella, or Jesus. So we find ourselves in a situation where our best respnse is a collective one but the whole concept of active pacifism is most fully understood by individuals only. What a call for education with potentially far reaching results!!!!!

    Henry Hoeppner

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