Imagining Our World, Envisioning Our Church

Several weeks ago, in our summer series on Colossians, I suggested to our congregation that God calls us to be “gospel people.” We are to be those whose thinking and living is radically shaped by the good news of Jesus, crucified and risen to bring about God’s reign of justice and peace on earth. Another way of saying this, I suggested, is that “being gospel people” means imagining the world in light of the gospel and then seeking to make this newly imagined world a reality.

MC Canada doveThat’s quite a calling, isn’t it? To re-imagine the world—this world of violence and injustice and division and oppression and guilt and shame and pain and suffering—as it could be in light of the gospel? And then to walk in the resurrected Jesus’ cross-shaped footsteps, by the power of God’s Spirit, together with all God’s people, to bring this imagination to life?

And yet that is our calling as a church: to be gospel people.

Our vision statement puts it this way:

We, as a Mennonite congregation in Morden, seek to express the reconciling and transforming love of God through Jesus Christ, being guided by the Holy Spirit to be a nurturing community of peace, witness, and service to one another and the world.

This often gets summarized in a succinct mission statement:

We are on a journey with Jesus toward greater peace, greater witness, and greater service.

In other words, we are seeking, more and more, to be gospel people.

Morden 1Over the next several weeks we will be exploring these ideas in our worship and preaching, reflecting together on “Living Our Vision.” What does it mean for us to be a “community” of faith, even a “Mennonite” community? What does it mean for us to be characterized by “peace” and “witness” and “service” in our world?

What does it mean for us here, in this place, at this time, as Morden Mennonite Church, to be gospel people?

Consider joining us as we imagine our world afresh and envision our church anew!

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