What Is the “Narrow Way” of Jesus?

This post has been moved to Pastor Michael’s blog here. Thanks for stopping by!

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1 Response to What Is the “Narrow Way” of Jesus?

  1. Great post, Michael (as per)! Really good stuff. Lately I’ve been wrestling w/ the whole issue of justice, particularly in light if Jesus Christ as our dikaiasune. In light of that, I like how your urging us (Christians) to “[seek] first God’s kingdom of justice above all other kingdoms” is modified (amplified, elucidated) by your call for us (Christians) to “long for and strive for God’s justice on earth.” What I take this to mean, and with which I resonate deeply, is that we are to seek first God’s justice in the kingdoms of this world. Mostly the forms of justice we try to enact are ideologically constructed and deconstruct. But not the righteousness/justice that is Jesus. And that is another narrowness in the road.


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