Taking the Bible Seriously

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4 Responses to Taking the Bible Seriously

  1. HJ says:

    If I have learned anything from going back to college at the ripe old age of 40, it is this: the more you learn, the more you realize how little you really know and the more questions there are, and if your willing to open yourself up as a student of the word you soon realize how great the mystery and majesty of God truly is.
    To dismiss others because they do not share your view on a particular passage or doctrine is elitist. Rather, disagreements should be seen as an invitation for dialog and learning.
    His thoughts and His ways are truly far beyond our full comprehension and any human understanding – Thank God

  2. geobme says:

    Thanks for the article. I just read it last night and can say “been there.” I agree with what you said. Another reaction is that one rejects bible authority when one disagrees with an interpretation. Once someone labels me, it is difficult to carry on a conversation because of the bias presented. Thanks again.

  3. Hello Michael:

    Good Article, very thought provoking.

    Ah yes the old controversy, liberal vs conservative…I believe we must seek the truth and The Truth first and foremost and it should also be the very last thing we do. A church and a congregation and a person should seek to closer align themselves with scripture and separate themselves from sin/evil. The modern world and false religion have by individual and corporate freewill made a conscious decision to not accept Biblical truth as being the truth and AS A RESULT a result have aligned themselves with the great deceiver. I absolutely abhor and hate the results of satan’s work, because it is all sin, Sin, and SIN and all clearly condemned by the Bible and AGAINST Gods Purpose. Many many modern Mennonite Churches have been falsely seeking peace in this world and have been tricked into believing that peace in the world – with other humans is more important than obedience to God’s Word. Just as satan did in the garden of Eden, The “Great Commission” has been turned inside out and upside down by satan and those that serve him but IT has not lost its purpose. Before we accept this or that or approve of anything that is debatable I believe we should stick to what is strictly instructed in the Bible so we can have the faith and the strength to move forward. Nowadays humans do not even obey the 10 commandments. Expanding beyond that, God/The Truth has a purpose for everything and everyone and it is far more important to seek and follow the truth than to be conservative or liberal or progressive or anything that is simply normal human attributes. We are created with the gift of freewill and we are in a spiritual battle and it is better to just stick to The Truth about everything than to try to do ANYTHING else. Both Jesus and satan come to this earth to divide and there are only two sides in the battle. Obedience and sticking to the truth will lead to life everlasting as compared to negotiating with satan which will lead to a permanent death not only physically but spiritually and into forever.

    Best Regards;
    Delmer B. Martin
    (RR#4 Elmira)

    • Michael Pahl says:

      Hi, Delmer. Thanks for the comment. I can agree with the sentiment you express even if I suspect we would disagree over many specifics. “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,” as Paul puts it in one of his “faithful sayings” (1 Tim 1:15). Amen! But then this pushes us to ask some questions: What is “sin”? What is “salvation”? And what does Jesus being called “Christ/Messiah” have to do with that salvation from sin? Once we press into those questions a bit, it seems to me, exploring these realities through careful reading of Scripture across the two Testaments and centred on Jesus, we find that the salvation from sin that God brings through Jesus the Messiah is much broader than just about my own personal morality or immortality. I’ve written several other things related to all these things, some of which are found on this church blog but with much more on my personal blog at michaelpahl.com.


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