Revelation: Apocalyptic Jesus

Between Easter and Pentecost we are focusing in on the New Testament book of Revelation for our worship together. Here are some summaries of Pastor Michael’s sermons in the series:

  • Lion-Lamb 2Entering the Apocalypse – Drawing on Revelation 1, examines how we should read Revelation and what we can expect out of it.
  • Why Worship? Why Worship Together? – Focused on Revelation 4-5, explores the liturgical dimension of Revelation and challenges us to think about our collective worship differently.
  • The Horrors of the Apocalypse – Scanning through Revelation 6-18, reflects on how we should think about Revelation’s horrific images of present divine judgment.
  • The (S)Word-Wielder – Looks at the image of Jesus as divine warrior defeating God’s enemies in Revelation 19, set within the context of “God’s word” as described in Scripture.
  • The Lord’s Prayer Fulfilled – Views Revelation 21-22 as the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer, with God’s people beatified, all the nations healed, and all creation renewed.
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