The Horrors of the Apocalypse

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2 Responses to The Horrors of the Apocalypse

  1. John Sawatzky says:

    Very helpful message! One question, what do we do with earthquakes? Our sin have not caused them or have they?

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    • Michael Pahl says:

      Thanks, John. No, I would not say that all natural disasters are caused by human sin, even indirectly. Of course, some are – our greed has had a disastrous effect on the earth’s climate. But many natural disasters are simply the earth being the earth. Much death is simply part of the natural cycle of life.

      My concern in this post was to explain what I think is going on in Revelation, and Revelation portrays all these things as charged with significance: natural disasters are lumped in with all kinds of destruction and death as divine judgment, even if (as I suggest here) it is a kind of “passive judgment” in which God gives us over to the consequences of our sin and evil. But Revelation – like all ancient apocalypses – is hyperbolic, it exaggerates for rhetorical effect. So while this portrays an important truth – that human sin can even affect the created order, and we can reap the results of that – it can’t be taken as some kind of absolute equation whereby every instance of death or disaster is the result of human sin. Teachings like those in Luke 13:1-5 or stories like those in Job or in John 9 caution us against making this kind of equation into an absolute.


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