Blessed are the Meek

Here’s the full audio of Pastor Michael’s sermon from October 8, 2017, reflecting on the third Beatitude in the Sermon on the Mount:

And here’s a written excerpt, from the conclusion:

“Blessed are the meek,” Jesus says, “for they will inherit the earth.”

The earth is our inheritance—the ocean’s sand, the seed-growing soil, the very dirt deep down in our DNA.

The earth is our inheritance—the seas, the lakes, the rushing rivers, the H2O that suspends the elements that give us life.

The earth is our inheritance—the wind, the sky, the oxygen that fills our lungs and flows to every cell in our body.

God created us out of the earth, for the earth. We exist because of God’s good earth, and we exist to keep God’s earth good. The earth is our home, and it will be our home for eternity—at the return of Christ, at the resurrection of the body, at the renewal of all things, when God’s kingdom comes on earth in all its fullness. All this may sound odd to our ears, but it is biblical, historic Christianity.

But this inheritance doesn’t come to the violent, the greedy, the selfish and proud. The earth is not made for them. The earth cannot sustain them. The earth cannot survive them.

No, the gospel way of Jesus teaches us that the kingdom of heaven does not come to earth through violence or coercion or hostile aggression; it grows in the earth like a seed through patient goodness, kindness, gentleness, humility.

Or, in other words: “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

May we commit ourselves to follow in the way of Jesus, and so learn the mystery of his kingdom-bringing, earth-inheriting meekness.

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