Reading the Bible with Jesus

How did Jesus read his Bible?

It’s actually an odd question, since Jesus didn’t have a “Bible” like we do today. In Jesus’ day there was no such thing as a bound collection of written Scriptures in book form, let alone one that included all the writings we have in our Bibles, let alone one that was affordable and readable by the average person, let alone… You get the idea.

Still, the Jewish Scriptures (roughly the Christian Old Testament) were important to Jesus. How did he read them—or, perhaps more often, hear them? Which biblical texts were most significant for Jesus’ thinking, for his teaching, for the way of life he modeled for his disciples? Why were these texts so important to him, and not others? And what might all this mean for us as followers of Lord Jesus today, as twenty-first century disciples of Rabbi Jesus?

Here are the sermons in the series:

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