Breakfast with Jesus

A sermon by Michael Pahl on May 5, 2019, called “Breakfast with Jesus.” It is a reflection on John 21:1-19.

Here is a written excerpt:

Earlier I asked the question, “What if I had been Simon Peter?” How would I feel then about this breakfast with Jesus?

It turns out, though, that we’re all Simon Peter in this story. Me. You. Each one of us.

We all have our times of triumphant faithfulness, but we also have our moments of bitter failure. We all have gifts and strengths, but we also have our flaws and weaknesses. We are good people, most of the time, but we sometimes sin, and even sin badly, deeply wounding others in the process.

We may not deny Jesus as literally and directly as Peter, but we all in different ways deny Jesus’ claim on our lives.

And Jesus calls to us across the water, he calls us out from the familiar, the comfortable, the secure, and draws us to himself. He invites us into the warmth and light of his love, and he feeds us, he forgives us, he restores us, he takes up our gifts and transforms them into purpose, he says to us, to each one of us, to me, to you: “Follow me.”

I wonder: What would your breakfast with Jesus look like?

What memories would Jesus evoke for you—beautiful memories, painful memories?

What hidden wounds would Jesus heal? What haunting sins would he forgive?

What words would you most need to hear from Jesus, repeated until they are implanted deep in your soul?

What everyday and ordinary gifts do you have, what loaves or fishes would you bring, to give to Jesus for him to feed others?

What purpose would Jesus set before you, what particular path for you to follow, walking in his footsteps?

What would your breakfast with Jesus look like?

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