Morden Chalk Walk

We’re hosting a public event in the midst of a pandemic, it’s true. But we’re not really “hosting” it, and, while it is public, it doesn’t require any large gatherings or physical proximity. It will get you out and connected to other people, though. What is this magical event, you ask?

Morden Chalk Walk

Rain, shine, and everything in-between!

Here’s what you are invited to do!
1. Grab your chalk.
2. Think of some words of encouragement, kindness and gratefulness.
3. Head out (while keeping your distance from the fine folks you don’t live with!) and spread the word!
4. Go for a walk around town. Find hope and feel loved.

1. Be respectful and kind. Always.
2. Stick to public sidewalks and your own driveway if you can.
3. Ask permission if you’d like to share some good words/art by someone’s place of work or somewhere that is not on public property (our essential services that are still open and helping the community need to feel the love too!).
4. Avoid drawing under overhangs where the chalk won’t wash off in the rain.
5. If it rains…head out again on the next sunny day! This can go far beyond these dates!
6. If you live in the country…consider a road trip into town to contribute!
7. Have some fun! And keep looking up to see the goodness all around (even in these difficult/uncertain times)!

See here for more info on Facebook. Spread the word to all of Morden!

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