Accessing the Church Library

We have some good news for the readers among us: the church library is open for business!

If you’d like to come in (or send someone) to check out books from the library, here is the protocol:

  • This general rule still applies: please do not come by the church if you have a chest cough or fever, or if you’ve been in contact recently with someone who has those symptoms or who has recently traveled out of province. For a fuller diagnostic tool check out Manitoba’s online screening tool here.
  • Please come by during Robyn’s office hours (Tuesday-Friday, 8am-1pm).
  • The front doors remain locked; please wait at the front door for Robyn to let you in.
  • Only one person is allowed in the church library at a time.
  • Please wash your hands/use sanitizer both before you go into the library and then again after you come out. You can wear a mask if you have one.

The self-check out process is the same as it usually is: sign your name in the card in the book, leave the card in the box, take a due date card from the pile to put in the book. The books out on tables are available for checking out – those are pastor recommendations.

And just so you know, books being checked in are wiped down before going back out. Bathrooms and most touched surfaces in the church are being disinfected.

We’re glad to open up the library in this way, even if it’s still not the same as usual! If you have questions about this or would like some assistance in getting books, please let us know.

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