August 30, 2020: “Sharing Our Gifts”

Welcome to this special worship service! Normally on this date we would not have a worship service. This Sunday in August was to be Morden’s Corn & Apple Festival and people would have the option of attending the community service there. However, since Corn & Apple has been cancelled this year, we are using this as an opportunity to have a special online service in which MMC folks share our gifts with each other.

Preparing for Worship

Last week we heard these words in our Scripture reading: “I appeal to you therefore, siblings in Christ, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship” (Romans 12:1). It’s an invitation to consider all of life, everything we do in our bodies, as worship in gratitude for God’s many mercies. We do not just worship God in a Sunday morning “worship service.” And, as we’ve discovered over the past months, we don’t just worship God in a church building.

How have you worshiped God this summer? What has your home “worship space” looked like?

Elsie H. shares the picture below of her home worship space, ready to share in communion online.

Kristy L. H. shares the picture below of their Sunday morning worship space a few weeks ago. She says, “Trying to be intentional with our kids during this season of online worship has been tricky…but we found that going out into nature was the best way to do family and think about community and experience God.”

In whatever physical space you’re in right now, we invite you to make it a space of worship simply by enjoying the gifts people have shared below. Note that with most of the pictures you can click on the picture for a larger version to give you a better look.


Many among us have enjoyed growing things this summer—perhaps many more of us than usual, with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us closer to home.

Agatha M. shares the picture below of her “little oasis.” “How soothing and peaceful it is,” she says.

Carol F. shares the pictures below of her garden and Henry & Anne F.‘s watermelon field.

Laurie L. shares the pictures below of her garden and some of its bounty. She says, “Thankful for my garden and enjoying sharing it!”

John & Dianna F. share the picture below of some of their own summer bounty.

Hobbies and Crafts

From garden to table! Carrie S. shares the picture below of homemade soup with these words: “During COVID shut down I perfected my soup making skills and tried new and interesting recipes that I found on line.”

Carrie is not the only one among us who has honed their skills in cooking, crafts, or hobbies over the past few months. Many among us have even tried out some new things this summer. Whether these have been well-loved crafts over a lifetime or brand-new hobbies just discovered, we’re grateful for these gifts shared among us.

John G. shares the pictures below of the model barn he has worked on this summer. It is a re-creation of the old family barn, as you can see in the photo he is holding in the third picture.

Rose B. shares the pictures below of some of her paintings, acrylic on canvas and also stainless steel.

Dianne H. shares the pictures below of some of the water colour pencil labyrinths she has created. She says, “My own kids and the kids in my Sunday school class know that I am all about labyrinths… All of the quotes are from the album by Steve Bell and his daughter Sarah called, ‘Sons & Daughters.’ Walking a labyrinth, drawing a labyrinth, sewing a labyrinth… these, for me, are all about meeting God, being in ‘God space.'”

Adeline P. shares the pictures below, just a few of the many photos she has taken and edited this summer. The final picture in the set is of a puzzle Adeline completed.

Peter F. shares the pictures below of some sketches he has done this summer. He says, “The beauty in nature has always inspired me to create the images I see. This summer I had the privilege of sketching outdoors with my granddaughter, who is a graduate in fine arts. The sketches that you see were done with coloured pencils.”

Agatha M. shares the picture below of one of her recent projects. “You start with a picture in your mind…add a few skeins of yarn and go…how rewarding when the finished product works out! Many hours of love go into one of these but oh, the blessed feeling of accomplishment.”

Adalynne P. shares the pictures below of some of the embroidery and sewing projects she has done this summer.

Anna H. shares the picture below of one of the puzzles she has done this summer.

Special Events

COVID-19 has changed many plans for us these past months! However, many among us have still managed to have special times and celebrate special events, perhaps with some restrictions.

What special times have you had this summer with family or friends, or on your own? What special events or milestones did you celebrate?

Linda & Dave P. celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary in July. The smaller size of the event did not diminish the celebration!

Ian F. shares the picture below of a canoe trip he went on recently to Caddy Lake with four cousins, his Grandad, his Dad, and an Aunt:

Songs and Poems and Prayers

Michael P. shares below a choral piece he wrote this summer. The recording is a piano rendition of the four voice parts. The text is a repeated “Alleluia!” with a middle refrain, “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of God! Blessed are the feet of the one who brings good news!”

Loretta T. shares the song below: “Beauty for Brokenness.” If you’d like to sing along or follow the lyrics, you can find it in STS 115.

For the young (or young at heart!) among us, Brenda U. F. shares the video below: “Hey, Seed Sower.” It’s a play off of “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train, but tells Jesus’ parable of the sower in Matthew 13.

Lawrence S. shares a poem he wrote below: “Reprieve.” It was inspired by watching the birds from his back deck this summer.

L. Esther M. J. shares the song below: “As the Deer,” based in part on Psalm 42:1-2. She recorded it in the sanctuary, as you can see in the picture.

Finally, to close this special service of worship, Al T. shares the prayer below, written this past spring and recorded in the Manitou Opera House.

Thank you to everyone who shared their gifts among us this morning! We know this is but a sample of the good things God has given us to enjoy, and which we in turn can share with others for their enjoyment and encouragement. Go this week in the presence and peace of Christ, sharing the love of Christ with all you encounter.

Healer of Our Every Ill by Marty Haugen (©1987 G.I.A. Publications Inc.)
CCLI Streaming License 20348932 / One License Streaming License A-714686
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