September 13, 2020: “Overflowing Love”

Preparing for Worship

Welcome to our online worship service! We are glad you have joined us. Note that we have resumed in-person services as well. If you would like to join us in person next week, please see the information here.

Call to Worship

Larissa P. welcomes us and calls us to worship together:

Songs of Praise

Join in singing or listening along to HWB 12 Come, Let Us All Unite to Sing, accompanied by Loretta T. and Michael P. You can use the hymn book or follow the lyrics below. You may notice that this is different than the song listed in the bulletin. That’s because we have not been able to record that song yet.

Come, let us all unite to sing, God is love.
Let heav’n and earth their praises bring, God is love.
Let ev’ry soul from sin awake,
let ev’ry heart sweet music make,
and sing with us for Jesus’ sake, for God is love.

God is love! (God is love!) God is love! (God is love!)
Come, let us all unite to sing that God is love!

O tell to earth’s remotest bound, God is love.
In Christ we have redemption found, God is love.
Jesus has cast our sins away,
his Spirit turned our night to day,
and now we can rejoice to say that God is love.

How happy is our portion here, God is love.
His promises our spirits cheer, God is love.
He is our sun and shield by day,
our help, our hope, our strength and stay;
he will be with us all the way, our God is love.

Let’s continue singing our praise to God with STJ 3 Jesus Calls Us Here to Meet Him, accompanied by Irene S. and Michael P. You can use the songbook or follow the lyrics below.

Jesus calls us here to meet him as,
through word and song and prayer,
we affirm God’s promised presence
where God’s people live and care.

Praise the God who keeps their promise;
praise the Son who calls us friends;

praise the Spirit who, among us,
to our hopes and fears attends.

Jesus calls us to confess him
Word of Life and Lord of all,

sharer of our flesh and frailness
saving all who fail or fall.

Tell his holy human story;
tell his tales that all may hear;

tell the world that Christ in glory
came to earth to meet us here.

Jesus calls us to each other:
vastly diff’rent though we are;

race and colour, class and gender
neither limit nor debar.

Join the hand of friend and stranger;
join the hands of age and youth;

join the faithful and the doubter
in their common search for truth.

Jesus calls us to his table
rooted firm in time and space,

where the church in earth and heaven
finds a common meeting place.

Share the bread and wine, his body;
share the love of which we sing;

share the feast for saints and sinners
hosted by our Lord and King.


Thank you for your faithful giving over the past months! Please continue this act of worship in support of the church’s ongoing ministries. You can mail a cheque to the church office. You can contact the church office or Randy S. and he will come pick it up. You can drop off the cheque during church office hours. Also, you can donate as a bill payment if you have an Access Credit Union account, either in person at the credit union or online. For online giving in this way, please see the information here.

Community Life & Prayer

For announcements related to our church community, please see the eBulletin emailed to those on the church email list. You can also stay updated by checking the church Facebook page and this website.

This week in our prayers we especially remember:

  • All of us in our church and community who continue to make transitions to new school, work, community, and church situations within a changed world. May patience, kindness, and wisdom abound. May we discover the strength and joy of caring community in new ways this year.
  • Those around the world directly affected by wildfires, storms, racism, civil war, and of course the COVID pandemic. May God have mercy on all those in danger or in need. May those in power use their power to bring relief and healing. May those in need get the help they need. May the most vulnerable find protection and strength.
  • Those among us facing difficult challenges, and those among us celebrating good things. May each one know God’s gracious presence, and may we show the empathy and compassion of Christ as we “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” (Rom 12:15).
  • Us as a church this week, that “our love may overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight to help us to determine what is best” for us a church community and for us as a church within our wider community (Phil 1:9-11).

Larissa P. offers this congregational prayer for us today:

Prayer Song

Continue in prayer as we sing STJ 59 Come and Fill Our Hearts, accompanied by Michael P. You can use the songbook or follow along below.

Come and fill our hearts with your peace.
You alone, O Lord, are holy.
Come and fill our hearts with your peace,

Scripture Reading

Our Scripture reading this morning is Philippians 1:1-11, read for us by Larissa P. As we listen to our Scripture reading, and as we reflect on it together in the rest of the service, may we have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to us as a church.

Children’s Focus

Here’s a special song and video for the young (or the young at heart!) among us about God’s amazing love for us, Just the Way I Am, by Patty Shukla:


Michael P. shares this meditation on our Scripture text for us today, called “Overflowing Love”:

Moment of Reflection

Spend a few moments reflecting on our Scripture text and its interpretation among us. The good news of God has been proclaimed among us this morning.

  • How have you heard God’s good news for you? for others in your life? for our world?
  • What will you do this week to live out God’s good news?

Song of Response


Receive this benediction offered by Larissa P. as we leave this time of worship together:

Sending Song

We go with a song of encouragement on our lips! Listen along or join in singing Kindness, accompanied by Erin K., Joel K., Jude K., and Milo K.  You can follow the lyrics below.

Christ has no body here but ours
No hands no feet here on earth but ours
Ours are the eyes through which he looks
On this world with kindness
Ours are the hands through which he works
Ours are the feet on which he moves
Ours are the voices through which he speaks
To this world with kindness
Through our touch, our smile, our listening ear
Embodied in us, Jesus is living here
Let us go now, inspirited
Into this world with kindness

In the Week Ahead

Check the church website and church Facebook page regularly for resources for staying connected and for spiritual growth during this time. Grace and peace to you this week!

Songs: Come, Let Us All Unite to Sing (Howard Kingsbury & Edmund S. Lorenz; public domain); Jesus Calls Us Here to Meet Him (Text: John L. Bell and Graham Maule; Music: Lewis folk melody, arranged by John L. Bell; © WGRG The Iona Community); Confitemini Domino (Come and Fill Our Hearts); Text: Jacques Berthier; translated by Jessica Goldschmidt (French) and Betty Puricelli (Spanish); Music: Jacques Berthier; Text and Music copyright © 1978, 1980, 1981 Les Presses de Taize (France); GIA Publications, Inc, exclusive agent; Translations copyright © 2003 Mennonite World Conference, Kitchener, ON Canada; Holy Spirit, Come with Power (Text: ©1970 Anne Neufeld Rupp; Music: attributed to B. F. White; harmonization ©1989 Joan A. Fyock); Kindness (Text: adapted from prayer attributed to Theresa of Avila; Music: Brian McLaren; © 2011; used with permission,
CCLI 20348932 / One License A-714686
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1 Response to September 13, 2020: “Overflowing Love”

  1. Adeline Peters says:

    As every Sunday, the service is a blessing to me as I worship with you in my office space but feeling a part of our congregation. I especially like singing along with the meaningful words in this closing song!!


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