COVID Prayer Vigil

Our friends in the local Anglican Diocese have issued a call to prayer for this Saturday, November 28, on the eve of the Advent season. This is a call to prayer related to the pandemic that we are currently facing as a community, as a society, and globally. All MMCers are encouraged to join in this prayer vigil on Saturday.

Below is a modified excerpt from the note provided by the Anglican Diocese that you can use to help shape your own prayer vigil. Attached are some further resources.

In this prayer vigil we are praying for:

  • a vaccine for COVID-19;
  • a stop to the spread of this virus;
  • wisdom for political and medical leaders;
  • courage and protection for people in health care;
  • protection for students and staff in all education centres;
  • comfort and healing to the afflicted and the families of those who have died;
  • and God’s peace that passes all understanding for all.

Determine a time period on Saturday that works for you. This could be regular times throughout the day (e.g. a short prayer every hour), or a set period of time (e.g. an hour) during the day. You may also choose a time during the night hours, any time up to dawn on Sunday.

Let’s join together in prayer in the Spirit during this pandemic which affects us all.

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