February 28, 2021: “Shalom”

Deep in the Woods: Called to Deep Commitment

Preparing for Worship

As we continue our journey to Jerusalem with Jesus, we consider the beginnings of his journey, the trials and temptations which he encountered. We are all too familiar with those times in ‘the wilderness,’ experiences that can be extremely trying, and disorienting. We are grateful to God, for the assurance that Jesus will be with us always, whether we stand or whether we falter. We also realize that there were other times for Jesus when there were voices that tried to derail him from the path to Jerusalem, but with God’s help and direction, he stayed the course, and we too want to stay the course with him. 

Welcome to this time of worship, and blessings to all as we worship together.

Welcome & Call to Worship

Carl & Carolyn F. welcome us and call us to worship together. Follow along with the call to worship below…

Leader:  God, you ask us to set our minds on you, to walk before you and be
blameless. You teach us what matters, and you do not hide your face from us.

All: With each step along the path, we are transformed into who you made
and called us to be.

Leader: God, you teach us that when we lose our life, we save it.

All: With each step along the path, we hope against hope in your promises.

Leader:  God, you say you will make us exceedingly fruitful, that you will bless us.

All:  With each step along the path, we take up our cross and follow you.
We believe your everlasting covenant is to be God to us, and that we will live forever.
We call out to you, as you call us deeper into this covenant.

Songs of Praise

Join in singing along to STJ 99 You Walk Along Our Shoreline, accompanied by Irene S. You can use the hymn book or follow the lyrics below.

You walk along our shoreline where land meets unknown sea.
We hear your voice of power, “Now come and follow me.
And if you still will follow through storm and wave and shoal,
then I will make you fishers but of the human soul.”

You call us, Christ, to gather the people of the earth.
We cannot fish for only those lives we think have worth.
We spread your net of gospel across the water’s face,
our boat a common shelter for all found by your grace.

We cast our net, O Jesus; we cry the kingdom’s name;
we work for love and justice; we learn to hope through pain.
You call us, Lord, to gather God’s daughters and God’s sons,
to let your judgment heal us so that all may be one.

Let’s continue worshiping with STJ 14 Lord Jesus, You Shall be My Song, accompanied by Linda P. and Michael P. You can use the songbook or follow the lyrics below.

Lord Jesus, you shall be my song as I journey;
I’ll tell ev’rybody about you wherever I go:
you alone are our life and our peace and our love.
Lord Jesus, you shall be my song as I journey.

Lord Jesus, I’ll praise you as long as I journey.
May all of my joy be a faithful reflection of you.
May the earth and the sea and the sky join my song.
Lord Jesus, I’ll praise you as long as I journey.

As long as I live, Jesus, make me your servant
to carry your cross and to share all your burdens and tears.
For you saved me by giving your body and blood.
As long as I live, Jesus, make me your servant.

I fear in the dark and the doubt of my journey;
but courage will come with the sound of your steps by my side.
And with all of the family you saved by your love,
we’ll sing to your dawn at the end of our journey.


Thank you for your faithful giving! Please continue this act of worship in support of the church’s ongoing ministries. You can send a cheque to the church office by mail, or you can give through an Access Credit Union branch or their online banking services (see the information here).

Community Life & Prayer

For announcements related to our church community, please see the eBulletin emailed to those on the weekly email list. You can also stay updated by checking the church Facebook page and this website.

This week in our prayers we especially remember:

  • Our church’s Annual Meeting Part 2 taking place on Monday via Zoom. Pray that information can be distributed, and business carried on as needed despite the meeting’s unique format.
  • The Mennonite Church Manitoba Annual Gathering taking place via Zoom on Saturday morning, March 6th. Pray for Michael P., as the new Executive Minister, and the other leaders, as they make final plans. Pray that this virtual meeting will also go well.
  • To thank God for special joys among us, thinking especially of Lisa B. and Michael D. as they welcome their new granddaughter into their family.
  • Those among us, going through valleys of grief or illness.
  • All of us, that whatever our circumstances, we may experience shalom—peace within ourselves, and peace between ourselves and others.

Congregational Prayer

Carl F. leads us in a congregational prayer.

Scripture Reading

Carl F. reads Genesis 3:1-7; Matthew 4:1-4; 26:36-39 for us today. May we have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to us as a church.

Children’s Feature

Join Kristy L.H. and Cooper H. as they discuss Lent!

Readers’ Theatre
“The Tempter”


Peter H. shares the following meditation with us.

Prayer of Confession and Words of Assurance

Join Carl & Carolyn F. in the prayer below.

All:  Deep calls to deep. We call to you from the depths of our hearts.

Leader:  We confess when we have stayed on the edges. 
Not listening to each other, not taking the path you show.
We confess when we have strayed from the way.
Silencing suffering, forfeiting life…
Deep calls to deep. You call to us from the depth of your love.

All:  Calling us to deep commitment, we come to you, O God.

Song of Response

Join in singing STJ 30 Jesus Christ is Waiting, accompanied by Dianne H. You can use the songbook or follow the lyrics below.

Jesus Christ is waiting, waiting in the streets;
no one is his neighbour, all alone he eats.
Listen, Lord Jesus, I am lonely too.
Make me, friend or stranger, fit to wait on you.

Jesus Christ is raging, raging in the streets,
where injustice spirals and real hope retreats.
Listen, Lord Jesus, I am angry too.
In the kingdom’s causes let me rage with you.

Jesus Christ is healing, healing in the streets;
curing those who suffer, touching those he greets.
Listen, Lord Jesus, I have pity too.
Let my care be active, healing just like you.

Jesus Christ is dancing, dancing in the streets,
where each sign of hatred he, with love, defeats.
Listen, Lord Jesus, I should triumph too.
Where good conquers evil let me dance with you.

Jesus Christ is calling, calling in the streets,
“Who will join my journey? I will guide their feet.”
Listen, Lord Jesus, let my fears be few.
Walk one step before me; I will follow you.


Carl F. offers the benediction for us.

Sending Song

Let’s go from our worship together with this song on our lips and in our hearts: STS 40 Som’landela (We Will Follow), accompanied by Joel, Erin, Milo, and Jude K.  You can use the song book or follow the lyrics below.

We will follow, we will follow Jesus.
We will follow, ev’rywhere he goes.
We will follow, we will follow Jesus.
Ev’rywhere he goes—we will follow.

Som’landela, som’landel’ uJesu.
Som’landela yonke indawo.
Som’landela, som’landel’ uJesu.
Lapho Eyakhona som’landela.

In the Week Ahead

Check the church website and church Facebook page regularly for resources for staying connected and for spiritual growth during this time. The Peace of Christ be with you.

Songs: You Walk Along Our Shoreline (Text: Sylvia Dunstan Copyright © 1991 GIA Publications, Inc.; Music: Samuel Sebastian Wesley, Selection of Psalms and Hymns, 1864); Lord Jesus, You Shall be My Song by Stephen Somerville (Text & Music: © 1970 Stephen Somerville/© Les Petites Souers de Jesus and L’Arche Community); Jesus Christ is Waiting (Text: John L. Bell and Graham Maule. Copyright © 1995 WGRG The Iona Community (Scotland). Used by permission of GIA Publications, Inc., exclusive agent. Music: French traditional; harmonized by James E. Clemens, 2001. Harmonization copyright © 2001 James E. Clemens); Som’landela (We Will Follow) (Text & Music: Zimbabwean traditional)
CCLI 491687 / One License A-714686

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