August 15, 2021 “Mess and Order: Collaboration”

We Gather Together to Worship God

Call to Worship

Songs of Praise

We Offer Our Lives to God


Thank you for your faithful giving!
Please continue this act of worship in support of the church’s ongoing ministries.
You can send a cheque to the church office by mail, or you can give through an Access Credit Union branch or their online banking services (see the information here).

Community Life

For announcements related to our church community, please see the eBulletin emailed to those on the weekly email list. You can also stay updated by checking the church Facebook page and this website.

Congregational Prayer

This week in our prayers we especially remember to pray for:

  • Those directly affected by wildfires—those who’ve had to be evacuated, those who’ve lost their homes, those fighting the fires, those deciding where best to put fire fighting resources.
  • The many refugees in the world fleeing poverty or conflict.
  • The farmers among us, as the busy harvest season is here.
  • All of us, that we may have the wisdom and humility to ask for help when we need it.

God, hear our prayers . . .

Prayer Song

We Listen to God’s Word

Children’s Feature

I hope you enjoy this children’s story, selected by Pastor Kristy!

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:7–14, 7:7–12


Please click on the audio play button below to hear Justin’s message, entitled “Mess and Order: Collaboration.”

Davis, Hank. “The Value of Complaining,” Psychology Today, 2016.
Kowalski, Robin. Complaining, Teasing, and Other Annoying Behaviours.
Trice, Laura “Is It Okay To Ask For Appreciation?”
Wright, N.T. Matthew For Everyone, Part One.

Song of Response

We Are Sent with God’s Blessing


Sending Song

In the Week Ahead

Check the church website and church Facebook page regularly for staying connected.

Songs: Holy Spirit, Come with Power / Ven, Espiritu, cual viento (Text: Anne Neufeld Rupp (USA), © 1970 Anne Neufeld Rupp; Spanish trans. Barbara Mink (USA), alt., © 1988 Barbara Mink; Music: attr. B. F. White (USA), The Sacred Harp, 1844; harm. Joan Fyock Norris (USA), © 1989 Joan Fyock Norris); Flow to You (Text: Lynn DeShazo (USA); Music: Lynn DeShazo © 2004 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music, admin. Capitol CMG Publishing); This Is My Song (Text: stanzas 1,2 Lloyd Stone (USA), alt., © 1934, 1962 Lorenz Publishing Company; stanza 3 Georgia Harkness (USA), alt., © 1964 Lorenz Publishing Company; Music: Jean Sibelius (Finland), 1899; arr. The Hymnal, © 1933, 1961 Presbyterian Board of Christian Education); Seek Ye First (Text: based on Matthew 6:33, 7:7, Luke 11:9, 12:31; Karen Lafferty (USA), 1972; Music: Karen Lafferty, 1972 © 1972 Maranatha! Music, Inc., admin. Capitol CMG); Will You Let Me Be Your Servant (Text: Richard Gillard (Aotearoa New Zealand), 1976, alt.; Music: Richard Gillard, 1976; adapt. Betty Pulkingham (USA) © 1977 Scripture in Song, admin. Capitol CMG Publishing)
CCLI # 491687 / One License # A-714686
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