Our Values

At Morden Mennonite Church…

…we value unity. We gather together around God our Creator and Redeemer as shown to us in Jesus Christ, following Jesus in loving God and loving others. We gladly worship and serve alongside all who share this common faith, and we strive for open conversation and free cooperation with all who share our common humanity.

…we value diversity. We cherish people of all ages, genders, social settings, and ethnicities. We celebrate different ways of thinking about and practising our common faith, and we seek to encourage each other to follow Jesus faithfully in our own unique ways.

…we value truth. We want our church to be a safe space for people to express their doubts and fears, to ask honest and difficult questions about life and faith. We pursue truth with humility, in conversation with one another and listening to many voices. When we disagree, we try to do so honestly yet with gentleness and respect. When a group decision is needed, we work hard for consensus.

…we value goodness. We recognize the inherent goodness of all creation, including every person, even through their failures and brokenness. By God’s grace and enabled by God’s Spirit, we strive to be good people, being kind and generous, patient and gentle and joyful, seeking peace with all and justice for all, loving all with the love of Jesus.

…we value beauty. We embrace the arts, seeking to express and explore our faith through diverse forms of music, visual and tactile art, drama, dance, poetry, and stories. We look for ways to encourage growth and authenticity in this expression, providing opportunity for any who wish to explore their faith through art.

…we value practicality. We strive to make our faith real in the ordinary and the everyday, living out our faith in practical ways within our neighbourhoods, our community, and our world. We work at listening carefully to the genuine needs of others around us, and we seek to meet those needs as we are able.

…we value community. We delight in each other, and we gather together regularly in worship, in service, and in recreation. We rejoice with each other, we mourn with each other, we help each other, we forgive each other, we love each other.

…we are on a journey with Jesus in living out these values—we haven’t yet arrived!

Faith Hope Love


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